Congratulations, Jefferson!

Today, the MSc student Jefferson Antonio Ribeiro Passerini defended his master’s thesis entitled “Segmentação Interativa de Imagens usando Redes Complexas e Competição e Cooperação entre Partículas” (“Interactive Image Segmentation using Complex Networks and Particle Competition and Cooperation”), and he was approved. Congratulations, Jefferson!

In his work, he proposed some improvements on the method to build complex networks representing real-world images. These networks are fed to the particle competition and cooperation model, so it may segment the corresponding images. Jefferson’s method achieves higher accuracy and lower execution times than the original method in interactive image segmentation tasks.

Thanks to Prof. Dr. Fernando Vernal Salina (IFSP) and Prof. Dr. Eraldo Pereira Marinho (UNESP) for their participation in the examination committee, and their valuable comments and suggestions.

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